Thanks to the use of IoT technologies and Cyber ​​security, the project manages to be applied to the production chain of different plants and fish, through aquaponic system, based on a symbiotic plant-fish ecosystem.

These tools allow:

   Track production and check the raw materials of the feed product

   Notify the operators in real time in order to plan feed formulation and production

    Check the organoleptic quality and safety of finished
products, based on consumer’s preferences

    Monitor the physical-chemical quality of the water supplied for changing the tanks

    Formulate medium-term production forecasts on the basis of data collected from monitoring and processed with appropriate analysis algorithms

Track the feeding of fish and the collection of plants using connected optical reading devices

Check the breeding parameters recorded by the technical
staff in order to formulate adequate feeds to optimize or integrate the production and to correct any nutritional anomalies, thus contributing to the quality control of the
finished products

Evaluate the production chain and the general safety of the

Monitor the physical-chemical state of the aquaponic
culture (water in the tanks and soil) with appropriate sensors